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For your convenience, Lemhi Title provices plat maps to locations throughout Lemhi County. These are reproductions, the Company assumes no variation, if any, with another re-plat or re-survey and are provided for informational purposes only.

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HES No 196-Resurvey Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_046a.pdf
Peterson's First Subdivision Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_015.pdf
Salmon City Cemetery Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_011.pdf
Parkaway Subdivision Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_042.pdf
East Leadore Townsite Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_037.pdf
Monroe and First Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_003.pdf
Brooklyn Addition Four Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_008.pdf
Lombard and First Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_002.pdf
Youngs Subdivision Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_010.pdf
Fulton and Putnam Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_005.pdf
Gulch and Indian Creek Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_007.pdf
North Salmon Village Plat Book 001 PLAT-BOOK-01-PAGE-001.pdf
Granite Street Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_009.pdf
State and First Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_004.pdf
Lombard to Monroe Plat Book 001 PLAT_BOOK_01_PAGE_006.pdf

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